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Staff Bios

Randall Westfall: Founder, Director, Mentor, Core Instructor

Randall has lived close to the natural world throughout his life and some of his earliest memories include exploring the creeks and woods behind his house in western Ohio. He pursued a degree in Religion at Manchester College in Indiana, with the intention of entering pastoral ministry. After five years serving as pastor, he sensed a deeper calling than that of congregational ministry. This calling led him to rediscover his passion for nature and the desire to connect people to the earth. In 2007, he attended classes at Tom Brown Jr’s Tracker School where the seeds were planted to begin his wilderness journey. He continued to water these seeds and give them life by attending Wilderness Awareness School in Washington state where he graduated from the Anake Outdoor School in 2010 with certifications in Ecological Studies, Wildlife Tracking, Ethnobotany, Art of Mentoring, Wilderness Survival and Bird Language.

Randall has been evaluated as a wildlife tracker through the internationally recognized Cyber Tracker Conservation evaluation process. His passions (aside from exploring the natural world) are rites of passage work, masculine spirituality, woodworking, singing and playing folk music on the guitar, banjo, mandolin, and dulcimer, archery and Aikido.

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