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Who We Are

Ancient Paths Outdoor School (APOS) is a faith-based organization that strives to deepen spiritual formation by offering nature-based learning practices as an essential resource. Attunement with the natural world allows us to live more honorably and respectfully not only within creation, but with community, and Creator. Our foremost objective at Ancient Paths Outdoor School is that we want our students to experience the wildness they encounter both from the outside and the inside so that they may live from the deepest places of their hearts full of passion for wherever their journey in life takes them.

Connecting with the Earth

Our programs lead people of all ages and in every season of the year, to a greater awareness and appreciation of creation. We provide workshops, intensives, retreats and adventures, as well as consultation and training for schools, organizations, faith communities and individual leaders. Our curriculum includes naturalist training, wildlife tracking, edible and medicinal plant studies, wilderness survival skills, understanding the language of birds and awareness training.

Reawakening the Fire of the Heart

We strive to integrate what nature has to offer with people’s curiosities and passions in life. By developing such disciplines as storytelling, music, art, skills practice and application, research, exploration and adventure; people’s hearts are awakened to their passions.

Honoring the Wild Within

Our intention is to tap into that “fully alive” expression of living that so often eludes us. The wildness of nature reminds us of what it means to be human. There is an earthy, untamed, wild quality within us that longs to be more immersed in nature. When we create space for this we better understand our place, letting go of our intentions and embracing nature’s more organic dynamic way of being. At APOS, we choose to affirm this way of being as being in relationship with creation and Creator.

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